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Scott Fitzgerald: Welfare King of the Wisconsin Legislature

Or; by not traveling 50 miles, Scott Fitzgerald has pocketed $123,376 in per diem allowances from Wisconsin taxpayers over the last nine years. “I just try not to take advantage of the system,” former Sun Prairie State Assemblyman Tom Hebl … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Scott Fitzgerald’s $18,128 in 2011 Per Diems

At the 2011 Wisconsin State Republican convention, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald gave  a speech railing against big government and governmental dependence. “Our government is growing too fast, too big; it’s becoming too expensive,” the Republican from Juneau thundered. “One … Continue reading

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Scare Tactics of the WPRI: Or, Why Christian Schneider Thinks People With Funny Names Should not Sign Recall Petitions

Christian Schneider, who is a “senior policy fellow” at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, wrote a breathless article last week for the National Review Online decrying the “Mickey Mouse” recall process in Wisconsin.  Schneider noted that the Government Accountability Board … Continue reading

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